Shiva Opticians strive to provide the most advanced lens technology available, making sure to stay up to date with the latest innovations designed to cater for the demands of modern living.


They can not only change the way people see you, they can dramatically change the way you see! Once your prescription has been produced, our dispensing opticians will be able to advise you on the wide range of lens technologies that we have available at Shiva, to ensure that you get only the crispest, clearest vision with your new spectacles.


We offer a great range of lens finishes that are designed to help protect and support your eyesight in your everyday environments. Whether you’re a frequent driver who would benefit from reflection free lenses or an office worker who uses digital devices on a regular basis, we have a lens finish that could improve your comfort and confidence when wearing your glasses. Ask our staff about the range of finishes available to learn more.

Whether you want a specific lens finish or even an ultra-thin, high index lens, we can supply a product that will suit your needs. Ask our staff about the products we supply either by telephone or by paying us a visit!

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